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Contract Manufacturers Wanted
to Produce Patent Pending Inventions for Large World Markets.

Manufacturing Agreement
  • We seek manufacturers to produce inventions and form lucrative 5-10 year partnerships.
  • Manufacturer's profit margin may run as high as 20% to 30% of net sales.
  • We need manufacturer's possible low to high price range.
    • We only need an estimate without the final design.
    • Pricing would be based on medium and high volumes.
  • Later we will need assistance with contract design, prototype, and manufacturing.
    • Distributors will need product support.
  • Partnership: The manufacturer will mostly control product design and future improvements.
    • We are very open-minded and easy to work with.
    • We happily work with agents.
  • Great upside potential: Receive excellent exclusive agreements, because of the time, costs and risks in bringing the invention to market.
  • We have interested distributors who want to know how much it will cost to make an invention.
  • Become our partner or let distributors pay for the designing and pro-type.
  • Would you like to become the middle company? Get a share of the invention?
  • Patent pending for 40 countries plus European Patent Office countries.
  • License continues up to 18 years.
  • Our Strong Intellectual Property: We invented new sub-product categories which will be hard for competitors to design around. Therefore the interior designs can be made in many different ways and we leave this part to the manufacturer.

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